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Clippers 109, Mavericks 90: Dallas crumples in DeAndre Jordan's second visit

The Mavericks have now dropped three in a row with the season crumpling beneath their feet.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Mavericks lost their third straight game on Monday against the Los Angeles Clippers, falling 109-90 to the team that was equally embroiled in last summer's infamous free agency drama. To twist the dagger another turn, DeAndre Jordan went off for the Clippers, scoring 23 points and snaring 20 rebounds in 38 minutes for the Clippers, finishing with a game-high plus-34.

Dallas kept things close for two quarters, hanging onto into the third before Chris Paul found his point god groove. Paul's 18 points on 8-of-9 shooting in the frame beat Dallas as a team, with the Mavericks mustering just 16 points. Doc Rivers wisely left his starters out to begin the fourth quarter and Los Angeles' 15-point lead quickly blossomed into a full-fledged blowout. By the six minute mark, Rick Carlisle threw out the white flags that are Justin Anderson and Dwight Powell, and while the backup unit actually made the final score a "respectable" 19 points, the game was decidedly over by then.

1. Where does this leave the Mavericks?

Things are not good in Mavsland. Let's extend that analogy just for the hell of it: Mavsland is under siege and the food supplies are starting to look grim. Oh, further you say? THE RESIDENTS OF MAVSLAND HAVE RESORTED TO CANNIBALISM. That's as far as I'm willing to take this.

Now 33-31, the Mavericks still hold a three-game lead on the Utah Jazz, holders of the No. 9 seed, who have looked no more competent than Dallas in recent stretches but will also be granted an easier schedule in the season's final month-plus-a-week. Still, a three-game lead isn't nothing. Dallas faces a vicious eight games coming up, but they'll win a few of them, enough to stay alive in the race. That's what I think, anyway, not out of optimism or biased fandom, but simply because I've watched this team enough times to realize they're fucking coachroaches: gross, ugly, but somehow unkillable.

2. David Lee is the best center on the Mavericks roster

Look, if you can't see it, I can't help you. Actually, that's a lie. I'll write something later this week. But he's far and away the best option Dallas has.

3. Dirk doesn't deserve this