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Dirk Nowitzki lights into Joe Ingles after a foul, leading to double technicals

In a critical game between the Mavericks and Jazz, Joe Ingles fouled Dirk Nowitzki after some contact at the three-point line, leading to jawing between the two and double technicals being dealt to each sides. Ingles was unhappy with the foul call, and immediately went to the referee to complain. Nowitzki, not appreciating what seemed like an obvious foul (and probably feeling he had been fouled earlier in the possession), fired back at him a little. The two had to be separated as they jawed at each other.

Look, Ingles is a serviceable role player. He probably shouldn't be messing with the sixth-leading scorer of all time. He should know better. Tim Thomas did this almost a decade ago and Nowitzki dropped 50 points on the Suns. Currently, Dirk has 12 points at the half.