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The Twitter reactions were almost as good as the Mavericks' win

You'll enjoy reading these.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I always say Twitter is the best sports bar on the planet, if you're able to follow along with the madness. And it's never better than when all the people you follow are watching the same event at the same time. With so many enormous playoff implications, the eyes of the NBA were on the Dallas Mavericks facing the Utah Jazz.

It was a well-fought game, with the Mavericks and Jazz exchanging blows for most of the first half. Dallas eventually built up a 12 point lead in the third quarter before letting the Jazz trim it all the way down to two points. A Wes Matthews three broke a scoring slump for the Mavericks and Dallas took a 7 point lead into the final frame. Though there were the typical Maverick late game hijinks, Utah never got closer than 6 points and Dallas was able to clinch a playoff spot with a 101-92 victory.

With a game this bananas, it's hard to know where to start on social media, so let's simply go with the Dallas Maverick Alpha and Omega, Dirk Nowitzki, who turned back the clock with 22 points and 11 rebounds. Dirk was on fire against the Jazz and it opened the entire offense:

Oh, and did we mention Dirk became a defensive stalwart, again?

As per the usual, the German had something fantastic to say about the block post game.

But the block didn't seal the game for Dallas, rather, it was a dunk from Justin Anderson with 30 seconds left. If you were lucky enough to hear the call, Mark Followill almost lost his mind too.

Of course, after the dunk and the final buzzer, euphoria took over. The Mavericks actually MADE THE PLAYOFFS.

But it wasn't just the fans. The Mavericks seem to be pretty pumped too:

While the immediate aftermath was a delight, the reflections were pretty fantastic too:

Most national media members had the Mavericks out of the playoffs to start this season (something they quickly regretted).

Nope, this team overcame everything once again. LET'S GO MAVERICKS.