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Injury report: Deron Williams doubtful, J.J. Barea out for Game 2

The Mavericks will most likely be without their two best point guards on Monday night against the Thunder.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Deron Williams sports hernia has gotten worse and he is listed as doubtful, while J.J. Barea has been declared out for the Mavs' Game 2 against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday night.

The news came out from Mavs practice Sunday morning in Oklahoma City.

Williams later told beat reporters that the pain from his sports hernia is as bad as it was when Williams missed 8 of the Mavs final 11 games of the season. He looked terrible in Game 1, scoring just two points in 22 minutes on 1-of-9 shooting.

This news wouldn't be so bad if it weren't followed up with the Barea news. Carlisle told reporters Saturday night that he fears Barea did something worse to his groin other than it just tightening up. Before the injury, Barea was lighting it up as a fill-in starter, carrying the Mavs offense as they clawed their way to the playoffs.

With those two out for Monday, that means more Justin Anderson (yay!) and more Raymond Felton and Devin Harris (boo!). It also means that somehow, even more responsibility is placed on Dirk Nowitzki's weary, 37-year-old shoulders.