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Charlie Villanueva responds to Russell Westbrook's diss after pre-game shove

C'mon man.

UPDATE 2 (April 19, 11:13 p.m.): Charlie Villanueva responds in his blog, saying this:

Now listen, I'm all for pregame hype and rituals. I do them myself all the time. BUT bro, when your pregame routine starts off with "5-6-7-8" that's just too much. I wasn't feeling all that right in front of me. Take that to the nightclub or to your side of the court. All due respect, but naaah. I just had to give a response, so here it is (via FOX Sports: PROcast):

Now can we PLEASE just focus back on basketball. I don't want to dwell on this anymore. It's done, new day. Let's get focused. This series is a real battle, a fight, every game like our last. OKC is a tough team, very athletic and talented, but we need to continue to fight, work hard and give it our all. Go Mavs!

You can read his full response right here. That's the gist of it, though. TAKE THAT TO THE NIGHTCLUB, AYYY.

UPDATE (April 18, 11:15 p.m.): After the game, Westbrook said the pre-game dance interruption was for "guys who don't play." Of course, Anderson did play and had the game-saving block.

Villanueva didn't, but neither did Cameron Payne, so call it even here, Russ?

* * *

Here's video of the pre-game encounter.

There wasn't anything terribly malicious about this, but Russell Westbrook and Cameron Payne were enjoying a pre-game dance, Villanueva walked between it (probably intentionally) and Westbrook wasn't having any of it.

What's funny is this isn't the first time these two have come together.