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Chandler Parsons jokes about the Thunder dropping confetti, JaVale McGee tweets Crying Jordan

This and all the other amazing tweets from after the Mavericks' stunning Game 2 win.

Hey guys, remember when the MAVS WON GAME 2!? This is a happy fun time and we should all relive it over and over again forever.

Just like the rest of us, the Mavericks took to Twitter to celebrate:

The Rangers must have had an off day? Either way, one of my favorite things about Dallas sports is how the teams all stand behind one another:

(Ok, Jeff Banister isn't great at Twitter. But for the record, #YCBM stands for "You can't beat me" which along with the Rangers' other motto, "Never Ever Quit," is pretty great.)

And then, there was us regular basketball Twitter folk:

Neither will we. (Well, except when we do, but then when he proves us wrong the next game because Rick Carlisle forever and ever oh god please never leave us.)

Let's keep the celebration going! Drop your favorite tweets/vines/social media reactions in the comments below!