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Kevin Durant on Mark Cuban's superstar talk: 'He's an idiot'

Durant and Westbrook put down the Mavericks after a Game 5 win.

Mark Cuban decided that the best time to talk about his opinions that Russell Westbrook is not a superstar was shortly before Game 5, which we detailed here. The Thunder won, Westbrook dominated and he was asked about it after the game. Before he could answer, Kevin Durant called him an idiot several times.

Here's the full question and answer from Durant.

Westbrook got in some last words about Charlie Villanueva, too.

And then, very quietly, Durant sneaks in a diss, too.

For the record, Rick Carlisle and Dirk Nowitzki were not on board with Cuban's comments.

The Mavericks talked their fair amount of trash talk throughout this series, and if you talk trash, the other team will talk trash back. It's a shame Dallas wasn't healthier so they could at least try to keep up on the court, but alas, too many blows finally took their toll.