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Thanks for reading Mavs Moneyball. We love you all very much.

A word from the manager as we transition to the offseason.

A loyal Mavs Moneyball reader catches up on the latest news on his phone before a Mavericks game.
A loyal Mavs Moneyball reader catches up on the latest news on his phone before a Mavericks game.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Aaaaand we're done.

Eighty-two games, plus five more, plus whatever else you want to include. The 2015-16 season was a hell of a ride, and let me first say thank you. You're the readers who clicked and commented and shared and cared about this team. You're the reason our site keeps churning out stories as often as we can, because people want to read them. That's a cool feeling.

Next, thank you to my staff. Rebecca Lawson does so much unheralded work behind the scenes making this site tick along. Kirk Henderson keeps the Facebook page going even as a new father. Everyone who has written for the site this season does it because they love this team, even if they're frustrating so frequently. I wish I could pay them all full time to quit their jobs and just bitch about Justin Anderson not playing enough, but I love getting to talk with them every day anyway.

Starting now, we're going to slowly start transitioning into offseason coverage. June will be the big month for that, but we'll work in a little bit of free agency talk throughout the coming weeks as we continue to recap the season that was. July should be a complete riot, given the rising salary cap. After that, summer league, which we'll be at.

This summer, we also have the five-year anniversary of the 2011 championship and 10-year anniversary of the 2006 Finals. We'll give both of those their proper weight, don't you worry.

ONE MORE THING. August 2 is Mavs Moneyball's 10th birthday as a site. We're turning double figures! We grown a lot and owe a lot to the people who built this site up. You'll be sure we're going to do something for that ... and if you live in Dallas or nearby, perhaps even something physical, like a big ole party somewhere.

Anyway. That's the offseason. The point is it's going to be a blast, there's going to be some very cool things happening and you shouldn't miss any of it unless you wanna be a lame who doesn't know the latest news about the Mavericks and whether Dwight Powell is a restricted or unrestricted free agent. (Actually don't ask me I'm gonna have to look it up again.) If nothing else, we have more fun covering Dallas than anyone else in the universe. You should keep hanging out for that alone.