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Dirk Nowitzki goes to bat at annual celebrity baseball game

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Dirk Nowitzki shares laughs with celbrities and gets a win in the 15th Heroes Celebrity baseball game to raise money for the Dirk Nowitzki Foundation and Heroes Foundation

FRISCO -- For one night a year, Dirk Nowitzki traded in his basketball uniform for baseball bat and ended up helping a lot of less fortunate children along the way.

There was plenty of star power at Dr. Pepper Ballpark in Frisco, including Wesley Matthews and J.J. Barea from the Mavs, Byron Jones, Cole Beasley, and Tyron Smith from the Dallas Cowboys, the most recent Texas Rangers Hall of Famer Michael Young, and Dallas-native golfer Jordan Spieth. A sellout crowd gathered to watch as the White Sox (Dirk's team) beat the Blue Sox 16-12 in a game dominated by offense and even some drama.

The festivities began with player introductions, in which former Maverick guard Jason Terry received one of the loudest ovations from the crowd. Then "The Bachelorette" star Jojo Fletcher threw out the ceremonial first pitch to start the action.

The White Sox wasted no time, jumping out to a 9-0 lead after two innings. But the Blue Sox exploded in the third, putting up seven runs, which included an inside the park home run from Cowboys defensive tackle Tyrone Crawford. However, a five run fourth inning by the White Sox would prove too much, as they ended up winning 16-12 in a seven inning baseball game filled with great moments.

There was Wesley Matthews, who provided the fans with a sight they hope to see more of next season: a score and a bow-and-arrow celebration to follow. There was Dwight Powell, who made some astonishing MLB-esque catches that earned him the MVP -- although the guy with his name on the event didn't agree.

Jason Terry thought he had something going as he hit one to first base, where Dirk got him out and serenaded him with him the JET-with-outstretched-wings celebration as he walked to the dugout in disbelief. You had big guys running bases, which was a sight more suited for Comedy Central. And then of course, you had the Big German who had two of his team's 23 hits and, in his own words above, some great defensive plays.

Most importantly though, it was about the cause and as Mavs head coach and Heroes first and third base coach Rick Carlisle said, it's "the most unique charity event I've ever seen or been involved with" and at the end of the day, many fans left with great memories while plenty of less fortunate children were supported.