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The Mavericks' new practice facility will be walking distance from the AAC, per report

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It's official, Mark Cuban has bought land for the Mavs' new practice facility.

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Mark Cuban confirmed to the Dallas Business Journal that he closed on the 10 acre site near the American Airlines Center. He told the DBJ via e-mail, "We plan on remodeling the primary building as a practice facility with additional features. Longer term, we will have new buildings on the site, including, longer term, a new arena."

Original post:

Mark Cuban has chosen where to build the Mavericks' new headquarters and practice facility, according to the Dallas Business Journal. The complex will be located in the Dallas Design District on the other side of I-35, walking distance from the American Airlines Center.

Cuban has been talking about building a new facility for the Mavs for a couple of years. In recent months, speculation has ramped up as to where he might look to build. Cuban owns land in several areas of Dallas including the Cedars, Preston Hollow, and Deep Ellum, where the Mavs' offices are currently located.

It was speculated, though, that he was looking to build in the core of the city rather than move the into the suburbs like Jerry Jones did with the Dallas Cowboys' practice facility in Frisco.

A new practice facility and offices will come as a welcome change to the team and its employees. Currently, the Mavericks practice court is located in the basement of the ACC. Other teams around the league, such as the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder, have their practice facilities separate from their arenas. Neither, however, are as close as what the Mavericks are planning.

The new development is expected to include the practice facility, team offices, team store, a museum, and a garden. Designs for the development were to be submitted in early May by graduate architecture students at Texas A&M in conjunction with Dallas-based HKS Inc. As of this writing, a final design has not been made public.