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All 41 of Dirk Nowitzki's made shots from the 2006 Finals

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Well actually, Dirk was good in the 2006 finals.

The 2006 Finals will forever be a blemish on Dirk Nowitzki's sterling resume. It was a sticking point for every terrible narrative about Dirk's lack of a killer instinct and inherent European softness. But after revisiting that series 10 years later, the reaction to Dirk's performance was greatly exaggerated.

Dirk played poorly in Game 4, but for the rest of the series, he played to his standards. His crucial missed free throw at the Game 3 is probably the low point of his career, but Dirk was great during that game. He scored 30 points on efficient shooting and played well during the fourth quarter. Dirk was being compared to Dwyane Wade, who was on a historic scoring tear, while Dirk merely played to his averages because that rendition of the Mavs didn't need 40 points from Dirk. Jason Terry played lights out and was oh so close to a Finals MVP.

Nonetheless, 2006 Dirk should never be forgotten. He was a unicorn in a league still heavy with post up bigs. We can still remember some of the good from 2006.