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The Warriors think Dirk Nowitzki might sign with them this summer

That seems ... unlikely.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors are interested in offering Dirk Nowitzki a contract this summer, according to a report by Tim Kawakami of Mercury News.

Kawakami states that the Warriors will be very aggressive in pursuing free agents this summer, their main target being Kevin Durant. Nowitzki, though, is also in their sights.

Soon after the Mavericks' first round exit at the hands of Durant's Thunder, Nowitzki said that he would opt out of the final season of contract with Dallas. While Nowitzki will be a free agent this summer, he stated definitively that he planned to re-sign with the team this summer, honoring the final year of his contract. According to Kawakami, the Warriors' front office has no idea if Nowitzki is even interested in leaving Dallas.

Could the Warriors actually lure Nowitzki away? That really all depends on what the Mavericks do this summer. If free agency doesn't net the team any significant upgrades or Chandler Parsons decides to sign elsewhere, the prospect of Dirk leaving becomes more plausible. Nowitzki has said before he won't play for the Mavericks if they tank or aren't gunning for a playoff spot.

The Warriors have been to the Finals two straight season. If Dirk is looking for one last run at a ring, theoretically joining Golden State would make sense.

But realistically, Dirk returning to Dallas in a no-brainer, based on everything he has said and everything he has proven throughout his career. Mark Cuban will do everything in his power to keep his franchise player. As long as he doesn't tank the team, that should be enough. You never know until you know, but Nowitzki's future seems clear.