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Dirk Nowitzki opted out and he's still not signing with the Warriors, sorry!


Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Dirk Nowitzki said at the start of May that he planned to opt out. His opt out date is June 22, which is tomorrow, so Nowitzki has officially opted out like he said he would two months ago on June 21, tonight.

The reason he opted out is flexibility, and also because he plans to sign a two- or three-year deal. If the Mavericks have extra money after they make their free agent signings, he can make more. (He might ask for more anyway, which would be very deserved.) If they really need an extra million to bring in a competitive team, maybe Dirk would bless them with another tiny pay cut. If he opts in, none of those can happen. It's just more flexibility, that's all.

It's all very funny coming in the wake of a probably-accurate-but-also-one-sided report from a Warriors beat writer, saying that Golden State would pursue Nowitzki in free agency. What the report doesn't say, of course, is whether Nowitzki has any interest or not. The reporter, Tim Kawakami, tweeted himself saying he had no clue if Nowitzki would listen.

Kawakami reported news. Golden State having interest in Dirk Nowitzki is clearly news for the Warriors, and there's no reason to think otherwise. Kawakami has broken plenty of stories, has a long journalism career and there's no reason to believe it's anything other than factual.

What he didn't do is paint the broadest picture telling the other side of the picture. Context would have helped, although I don't see it as an egregious error, since he's a local beat writer clearly covering the side of one team. The point is Nowitzki said he would re-sign, said he would honor his three-year contract, has always proven to be loyal and dependable, and really has given no indication that he will leave Dallas. The only exception Nowitzki has given to leaving Dallas is that he would consider it if Mark Cuban went into rebuilding mode. Since Cuban isn't going to do that, then Nowitzki will return. That's what he said. Is Nowitzki the time of guy to go against his word?

Anyway, #arrogantSZN means that Warriors fans still think Dirk will sign with them, which is actually hilarious!

I missed the offseason so so so so so so so so so so


so much.