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Chandler Parsons wants max contract because he’s 'really good at basketball'

And he doesn't care what you think about that one bit.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

While waiting on a flight back from his recent European vacation (I mean, seriously, let’s all go to Greece), Chandler Parsons hosted a little Twitter Q&A, as he does every so often. And, despite rumblings that the Mavericks will not offer him a max contract, he didn’t hold back on what he thought of his value as a free agent.

On why he opted out:

On why he deserves a max contract:

On his health and whether he’s worried about injuries:

You can see the rest of the Twitter Q&A by scrolling through Parsons’ Twitter timeline. Some non-free agency tweets include the revelation that he’s never had a beer in his life, really likes Dallas (yay, I guess?) and prefers traditional to boneless wings.

Also, he doesn’t care one bit if you don’t like him: "Are haters your motivators?"