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Predict the Mavericks' starting five and bench for the 2016-17 season

How do you think the offseason will play out in Dallas?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We did a community exercise last year attempting to predict how the Mavericks' offseason would shake out, and it could not have gone worse. No one expected DeAndre Jordan's decommital or Zaza Pachulia's abrupt arrival or any of the other dozen weird things that happened. But hey, that's the fun of it all, right?

We're trying again this year, and this time we're much closer to actual free agency which should make things easier. It's a simple game: copy the following list into the comments and fill it out as well as you can, and we'll revisit it in August to see who came the closest.

SG: Wesley Matthews
PF: Dirk Nowitzki

Bench: Devin Harris
Bench: J.J. Barea

Justin Anderson could be a starter or still coming off the bench, so that's for you to decide. If you want to move one of the starters to the bench or trade a bench player or anything like that, you're more than welcome to, as well. This is only to get you started.

Like last year, you'll get three points for a correct starter, two points for a correct bench player and one point for a correct player in the wrong spot, based on who we deem to be the top-10 players on the Mavericks' roster. No promised prizes, but there's a chance we'll be able to do something nice for the winners.

I'll probably close the comments on July 1, so get your guesses in now!