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Every player linked to the Mavericks in free agency

Free agency is hours away from starting in earnest around the NBA, and that means that the Mavericks will have an unbelievable amount of interest in players all around the league. They have a few top targets that they've already arranged meetings with, but contingency plans are a must with only two starters from last year returning. Here's all the players that the Mavericks have meetings with or been linked to with interest or disinterest.

This will be a living post that we'll update over the coming days and weeks. Dallas is always linked to dozens of players, so don't necessarily take a name as anything more than that, but certainly being linked means there's a better chance of something happening than otherwise. Bookmark this page, or keep the tab open, or whatever else you wanna do. Also, keep an eye on our rumors page. Here we go!


Hassan Whiteside

The Mavericks' meeting with Whiteside had last-minute hiccups, with Miami going first rather than Dallas as had reportedly been the plan. In the end, he chose to return to the Heat.

Nicolas Batum

Batum chose to return to the Hornets early Friday morning. It seems his free agent meeting planned for Friday afternoon with the Mavericks was only a contingency plan in case Charlotte didn't offer him the max.


Mike Conley

The Mavericks will meet with Conley on Friday afternoon in Memphis. Conley reportedly has interest in the Mavericks because of Rick Carlisle's reputation as a head coach, but the Grizzlies are still considered front runners.


Moe Harkless (source)
DeMar DeRozan (source)
Dwyane Wade (source) (but not really)
Timofey Mozgov (source)
Evan Turner (source)
Matthew Dellavedova (source)


Chandler Parsons

The Parsons era is over in Dallas.

Harrison Barnes

The Mavericks reportedly aren't interest in Barnes at the max or near-max he's supposed to command. (Source)