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Relive Dirk Nowitzki and Tim Duncan's Game 7 duel from the 2006 playoffs

40 years from now, when my grandchildren teleport into my upstairs bedroom and ask me about the greatness of Dirk Nowitzki and Tim Duncan, I'll pull up this video. Game 7 in 2006 was each superstar's performing to their absolute peak on a pressure cooked stage. Dirk put up 37 points and 15 rebounds, while Duncan poured in 41 pts and 15 rebounds himself. The two power forwards will always be intertwined due to their proximity, loyalty and positional dominance. However, their competitive will often gets lost in the conversation because of their demeanor.

Dirk and Duncan are franchise cornerstones that only come along a few times in a generation. All the good fortune that has befallen both the Mavs and Spurs can be solely attributed to these two seven footers. Their longstanding rivalry that includes six playoff matchups over the span of 14 years, may be something we never see again.

This game stands as the swan song of the Dirk-Duncan rivalry. May it live forever on this digital medium.