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3 things we learned from the Mavericks' final summer league game

Las Vegas Summer League has ended for the Mavericks and not a moment too soon.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

LAS VEGAS -- The Mavericks pounded the Warriors on Friday. The 80-74 win was Dallas' final summer league game, as they lost in the second round of the playoffs on Thursday and are out of the running for the summer league championship game that will happen on Monday.

Justin Anderson did not play, as there was really no reason for him to do so. Besides him, the Mavericks opened up the rotations to make sure everyone on the roster got minutes. They had played with tighter rotations through five games, but Friday was no time for that.

Make Jonathan Gibson your Charlie V

Gibson has been officially signed, even if it's mostly non-guaranteed money. That means the Mavericks could see him filling a roster spot. If he does, it's definitely in a Charlie Villanueva-like role, where Gibson is deep on the bench but available whenever you need shooting. That's what Gibson does, and that's all Gibson does. He can come in, jack up quick shots and if they go in, that's a great help to your team. If not, then, well, whatever.

There's no certainty that Gibson makes the team, but this seems like a good role for him, and Dallas has roster spots to fill.

Ranking the players who deserve a camp invite

Gibson, Dorian Finney-Smith and A.J Hammons all have contracts with Dallas, along with Anderson, of course. If the Mavericks bring anyone else to camp, here's the players who they should consider, in subjective order, and without analysis because I'm tired and I've been in Las Vegas way too long.

1. Jameel Warney
2. Vander Blue
3. Chane Behanan

A couple players are borderline, but those three were the only ones I really saw NBA potential in. I know someone's going to get mad at me in the comments for leaving off a player they really love, but that's okay, I won't be upset.

Vegas is devastating

Man. I'm writing this on Day 8. On Day 9, I fly back to Dallas. As it turns out, I have seen at least parts of all six summer league games that the Mavericks played. I had no way to know I would time it so perfectly when I booked my flight, but hey, here we are.

Instead of analyzing anything else, let me just say how devastating Vegas is. The only edible green thing I've seen is Mountain Dew in the writer's room. There have been as many pokemon caught around the arena as NBA players interviewed. The SB Nation house we all stayed in was littered with half-empty beer bottles when I left this morning. It's Las Vegas, so I had to make an intentional stop at a grocery store so I could find Shiner Bock since none of the gas stations had it. Texas forever and all that, yanno.

I'm tired. One night, I accidentally stayed up until sunrise arguing about Kanye with the other SB Nationers. That was far from the dumbest thing I did this week. We're not going to talk about me trying to scale two fences last night. No, seriously, my knee is still swollen.

Two things: the general haze I'm currently feeling is mostly my own fault. No one's denying that. But there's something about Vegas that induces this behavior. It's an enabler. It's not specifically Vegas' fault ... but it also kind of is. If you leave Las Vegas without a pounding head and arteries that are clogged with pizza, fried chicken strips and fireball shots, then you've done something wrong. Las Vegas is the worst.

See you back here next year.