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4 new Mavericks players to get excited about for the upcoming season

The Mavericks have a lot of fresh faces this season, as usual. Our staff shares who they are pumped to see in action.

NBA: New York Knicks at Golden State Warriors Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Now that free agency is (mostly) over, we’ll be rolling out a series of roundtables over the next several weeks to get you excited for the regular season. For this week, we asked the staff: what new Mavericks acquisition are you most excited for?

Read their answers below and share who you are most excited about in the comments below!

Doyle (@TheKobeBeef):

I think Quincy Acy might prove to be one of the team's best pick-ups. I've always liked the energy he plays with and Acy doesn't ever seem to back down from a challenge. Beyond his hustle, he is also a good player. He shoots the ball at a high percentage and can finish around the rim. He can also stretch the defense, stepping out to shoot 3s. Though he doesn't shoot many per game he connects at a high percentage. You have to think that Carlisle will want him to increase his number of shots from downtown this season.

Acy is also a reasonably good rebounder and defender. At 6'7", he has the ability to play both forward spots but I suspect that he'll likely play more minutes at power forward. I could see him establishing himself as Dirk's primary backup, especially if Dwight Powell's jumper isn't falling.

Danny (@DannyWebster21):

Andrew Bogut. If healthy, he will be a great addition and possibly someone the Mavs can bring back beyond next year. The Warriors were probably one Bogut leg injury away from back-to-back titles. His absence hurt Golden State once Tristan Thompson took over on the boards. Him and Salah Mejri should be a formidable 1-2 combo at center, both worthy of protecting the rim and scoring inside. Dallas also tends to get the most out of those throwaway players, and the same can be said for Harrison Barnes. Bogut has plenty of game left.

Ian (@SmitheeMMB):

I'm not entirely sure how much we'll get to see of him, but Seth Curry is a really intriguing signing for Dallas. I thought without question the biggest weakness of the Mavs' bench last year was the lack of a real knockdown shooter(Barea's streaky month notwithstanding). Enter Curry. Like his brother, Seth has deep range and looked like he was starting to break out with the Kings. It wouldn't stun me if he ends up developing into a better longterm piece than Harrison Barnes.

Kirk (@KirkSeriousFace):

Andrew Bogut is going to be a lot of fun in Rick Carlisle's offense. It's been a while, but he was the number one over all pick for a reason back in 2005. He's a true seven footer that can score with both hands, pass the ball really well, and can even put the ball on the floor if need be. In an offense in need of playmakers, he'll be a welcome addition. Defensively, he's going to be a massive upgrade (and Zaza was pretty dang good last year). Dallas hasn't had a real rim protector since Tyson Chandler left, so someone to help out Dirk and captain the defense is going to be great.

J.C. (@thejcfischer):

How can the answer not be Harrison Barnes? Well, I suppose if you're the pessimistic type there's a lot to worry about. Let me sway you: Barnes can guard multiple positions at a high level. He's a great wing post up player, he can shoot the three effectively, and he's always been at the top of his class as the #1 high school recruit and #7 overall pick. Some say he's only been good because he's been surrounded by excellent talent in Golden State, but I think we may be surprised to see what happens when he gets to spread his wings and stretch himself a bit. He's run very few pick and rolls, but in the ones he's finished, he's been very effective. Let's not confuse "didn't do" with "can't do." I'm excited to see just what Barnes can do in this, his first NBA opportunity to spread his wings. With a career high of 30, per basketball reference, we know he has the ability to score. Does he have the consistency?

Josh (@Boweman55):

Harrison Barnes, simply because I want to see just who the hell this guy really is. Between Barnes modest stats playing in Golden State and his disastrous NBA Finals run, the narrative around Barnes is that he's a joke of a player. NBA Twitter has gone so hard on the hatred of Barnes that now me, someone who doesn't even like Barnes, coming to his defense!

I really want to see if the player that came out of high school and put up bunches of points in college is still really in there, somewhere. Barnes' faults are clear to see but there's much more possibilities to his game depending on his role. Can he be a credible post-up threat? Will he be a top-flight defender? Is his jumper for real when not getting clean looks in the NBA's best offense? I'm fascinated in a "stops to look at a car crash" kind of way.

Barnes could very well be a viable second-option scorer on a good team. Or he could be the trash "CAN'T DRIBBLE" player that NBA Twitter squawks at me anytime I bring up his name. With the sample size of him doing anything other than being a role player so microscopic on his NBA resume, we really have no idea what's going to happen. The chances are he's the latter description but still, I'm super interested to see how it plays out.

Akshay (@amirchandani41):

It has to be Harrison Barnes. There are so many fascinating aspects to Barnes in Dallas. How will he work with Rick Carlisle? How will he fit in Carlisle's offense? How will he handle a bigger role? Can he blossom into someone that averages 16-5-3? All questions that we don't have answers to, but hope to get. Barnes was a solid piece in Golden State that didn't need to do a whole lot. That is about to completely change. Here's the thing, I think Barnes can be good. He was a great high school player, a good college player and hasn't been a bad NBA player. His performance in the Finals still remains fresh in our minds, but I'm excited, albeit sort of terrified, to see what he becomes in Dallas.