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Andrew Bogut and Quincy Acy are both huge offseason steals for the Mavericks

We try to figure out who the biggest steal from this offseason is, and we keep coming back to two players.

Sacramento Kings v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Our staff roundtable wrapping up free agency and beginning to look towards next season moves onto an important question: “Which new acquisition has the best chance to be a complete steal?”

We had eight of our staffers jump on to give their thoughts on which player has the best chance that.

Danny: The obvious choice would be Seth Curry, but I really like Quincy Acy. He has the chance to be the DeJuan Blair-type of guy the Mavs could use when in need of energy off the bench. He's a tenacious rebounder and has developed an outside shot with a knack for scoring inside. He will also be fun to watch when Dallas goes small, although figuring out the rest of that potential group of five will be migraine-causing for Rick Carlisle. I don't see Acy being used much because he will more than likely be behind Dwight Powell, but I envision there will be times Acy will be needed.

Ian: Last year Dallas brought Zaza Pachulia in for basically nothing, and thanks to the Durant Defection, the Mavs get Andrew Bogut for peanuts this year. Bogut is easily worth more than a second round pick, as he provides elite rim protection, superb high-post passing, and the toughness and attitude that helped the Warriors make back-to-back Finals appearances. His injury history makes re-signing him next offseason a risky proposition, but as a one-year stopgap he's about as good an option as was possible.

Kirk: Quincy Acy. First, his per-36 numbers were about the same as Harrison Barnes' last year. Second, Kings fans are annoyed that he got away from Sacramento. Acy is the kind of player I love seeing Rick Carlisle work with. He's a limited, yet skillful player at the crossroads in his career. With a coach like Carlisle, Acy is going to see his talent maximized. Don't be surprised if he plays significant minutes this season and at the minimum, that's a steal.

J.C.: Barnes opens up some incredible lineup options. Bogut is the guy you hate until he's on your team. Acy and Curry are intriguing. But A.J. Hammons is the guy with the best chance to be a complete steal. He's a beast on offense, and he has all the tools to be a great rim protector if he's willing to learn the intricacies of NBA defense. Hammons could be one of the best post threats in the NBA, sets monster screens, and could be a presence at the rim against guards and on the glass. He's a lottery talent who fell because of character concerns, and that's going to go one of two ways, usually: a complete steal or a complete waste.

Josh: Did the Mavericks just sign a better Dwight Powell for two years at the minimum after giving Powell a four-year contract? That's what I immediately thought when the Quincy Acy news crept into our timelines.

Overall Powell has been the better player than Acy the last two years, by a smidgen, mainly because Powell puts up really good numbers when he plays the five. However, with Andrew Bogut and Salah Mejri around, the Mavs still seem to like the idea of trying Powell as a stretch four despite Powell's jumper being the sin of all creation.

Acy, meanwhile, shot really well from both mid-range (above 40 percent) and three (above 38 percent!) last season, in limited attempts. He boards OK and he's a much more violent and consistent dunker/shot blocker than Powell. Plus, every playoff contending team needs some angry dude that makes the opposing team question if they're going to leave the arena in a full-body cast later that night. I like Acy.

Akshay: Andrew Bogut, because they literally got him for nothing. A defensive, nasty center that is a solid passer checked a lot of boxes for Dallas. Having a familiar face like Bogut in the locker room may make Barnes' transition easier, and he'll be great alongside Dirk in a contract year. Seth Curry is an option here, but Bogut is going to play a much bigger role on this team and will be one of Dallas' most important players. If can stay healthy, it's a coup for the Mavs.

Doyle: It's gotta be Andrew Bogut. The only reason the Mavs are getting him is because Durant chose to go to the Warriors. Dallas is just absorbing his contract AND got a second round pick out of it. That's a pretty sweet deal. If Bogut can stay healthy, he'll be the defensive anchor for the team.

Tim: I may not always agree with the Mavericks’ Plan A in free agency, but I’m in awe of how well they salvage offseasons that seem completely lost. Much respect to Dallas for grabbing Andrew Bogut for nothing, who is a great center and really should be the biggest upgrade to the Mavericks’ starting five in at least a couple years. I’m not sure what they would have done if he hadn’t come through for them, but hey, that’s a sad thing to think about, so let’s not worry too much about it.