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Dirk Nowitzki: 'I will definitely finish my career in Dallas'

In case there was any further doubts, now there's not.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

For a brief moment this weekend, after the Mavericks missed out on their top free agent targets with seemingly no backup plan, when it seemed like Dirk Nowitzki could -- or at least should -- leave Dallas. But the Mavericks rebounded nicely, and as it turns out, Nowitzki really was never going to leave anyway.

"I've always said that I want to finish my career in Dallas," Nowitzki said in the German publication Spox on Tuesday, as translated to English. "I have now played 18 seasons and it would be great if I could make 20 seasons full. Whether my contract then one, two or three years is -- the details are not yet fully negotiated, but we will be there definitely find a way, which is respectable for both sides I will finish definitely my career in Dallas."

The terms of the deal are finalized now at two years at $40 million (Nowitzki was playing dumb since he doesn't like talk about that stuff, I'm sure), although it will take some cap gymnastics to get there. In the interview, Nowitzki discussed a few of the Mavericks' free agent as well.

On Harrison Barnes: "We expect more from Barnes as he had shown in Golden State clear he has made ​​only 11 points in the section with the Warriors, but next to Curry and Thompson that's normal, we hope it a go to guy for.. we will."

On Andrew Bogut: "A 'thickness' you can now always use, the dirty blocks sets and sometimes makes a few casts in recent years on center although we had good players, but still a few problems, since fits of Bogut . he is very good purely a good passer and I think it will be fun for us."

The translations aren't perfect but Nowitzki clearly is appreciative of the Mavericks' free agency moves from afar. That's good, since his vacations to Germany are more difficult than ever.

"To go on holiday with two children and eight suitcases of course much more difficult and complex than previously," Nowitzki joked. "Holger Geschwindner had back then only a shirt to change this."

You can read the full interview in German here.