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Stories about the Mavericks you can read today

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If you need a distraction, here's some good pieces.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

We're going to keep a low profile today. Dallas, stay strong.

Here's some links you can read today about the Mavericks.

  1. Rob Mahoney's excellent SI piece on the Mavs offseason so far
  2. Zach Lowe on the Harrison Barnes dilemma from a year ago
  3. Dwain Price wrote about how the Mavericks are grooming Michael Finley for a front office role
  4. Alex Wong of Sports on Earth talked about team loyalty and how it related to Dirk
  5. If you haven't read this Jason Gallagher piece about how Mavs fans are Dirk fans for life, you should
  6. ESPN's Tim MacMahon has a similar look at Dirk's loyalty
  7. 5 years of the Mavericks whiffing on all their top targets

You should also read Josh Bowe's fantastic analysis of the new roster and all our other free agency coverage, of course.