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A brief history of the Mavericks being used as Jeopardy punchlines

At least Jason Terry wasn’t a punchline.

Miami Heat v Dallas Mavericks - Game Five Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Jeopardy! has long been one of America's favorite game shows. It has many memorable moments like Ken Jennings' epic 74 game win streak and IBM's Watson computer mercilessly thrashing its pathetic human competition, including Jennings. I, for one, welcome our computer overlords and hope they rule with benevolence.

The show has a spin-off now, Sports Jeopardy!. Of course it does. And while it goes through thousands of answers every year, you're not likely to find yourself included as one of them. You aren't a famous athlete, after all. But former Maverick Jason Terry is. Terry retweeted the following his former college teammate Miles Simon:

Yup, there you have it. JET on Jeopardy! Pretty cool.

This got us at MMB thinking about other classic Mavs-on-Jeopardy moments. Okay, I really couldn't find much in the way of the actual show. BUT, when it comes to Jeopardy! parodies, there are some pretty good ones.

Recently, SNL lampooned Jeopardy!, as they are wont to do, with a skit called Black Jeopardy!. The skit features Drake trying to answer the question: "Bruh... He's been playing for a while now, but he's still putting up big numbers." Sound like anyone you know?

Yes, Dirk Nobiscuit.

An SNL parody isn’t the only time the Mavs have been jokingly mentioned in a Jeopardy! skit. After the championship season in 2011, SportsCenter got in on the act to mock Mark Cuban.

Remember that? Cubes didn’t want to give them rings! Well, the team ended up getting rings after all and all is right in the world.

Maybe one day the Mavs will saturate popular culture as much as Jeopardy! has.