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Meet Mavs Moneyball’s new staffers

You’ll be seeing their bylines around soon enough.

Dallas Mavericks media day photo gallery

The past few weeks, we’ve been accepting applications for new contributors to Mavs Moneyball. As of this weekend, we’ve brought seven new staffers into the fold. You’ll be seeing their bylines in new articles, video posts, and social media content. Thanks to all who applied and remember, if you ever have a story pitch or think you can add something to the site we don’t currently have, send an email to

Now, it’s time to meet the newest members of Mavs Moneyball.

How did you come to be a fan of the Dallas Mavericks?

James Park: I first gave the Mavs a chance at the start of Jason Kidd’s second tour with the team. There was something endearing about an all time great (and my favorite) point guard adapting to his diminishing athleticism coupled with a severely under-appreciated tall baller from the G who no one believed could lead a team to a championship. I’ve been a fan ever since.

Chase Beakley: I’ve been indoctrinated since birth by my family. Every argument I make on why the Mavs are great is just a post-facto justification for my existing beliefs.

Carson LaCava: My dad has been a Mavs fan since the early 80’s, and I’ve been watching since some of the great Kings/Mavs series of the early 2000’s.

Mark Campbell: When I was a kid, my rec league team was called the Mavericks. I was the tallest kid on the team, so my Dad encouraged me to play like Shawn Bradley. Little did I know he was trolling me the entire time.

Andi Harman: As a suburban tot, I was taken to a game at Reunion Arena, pre-Dirk & Nash, to see MJ from the nosebleeds. I didn’t emotionally invest in the Mavs until 2006, and have been entranced and dismayed ever since.

Michael Chang: The Mavs were the best thing on TV after 9pm for a kid without cable in the mid-late 90s. Got my basketball fever with JKidd and caught Dirk fever shortly thereafter.

Dan Const: I stumbled onto a couple of Mavs games around 2005 when my parents had cable. Being in Australia we weren’t shown many NBA games at all, but when I did happen to catch one, it was always Dirk. At first I hated him and then Desagana Diop made me a fan.

What’s your favorite Mavericks-related memory?

Andi: Setting aside the brilliance of 2011, I would say that attending the Dallas premiere of The Perfect Shot was a perfect way to celebrate Dirk’s career as it winds down. He looked fresh on that red carpet.

Michael: 2011 obviously. I particularly loved seeing the all-black look for close out games. Bidness.

James: If I had to pick one, it would have to be the final seconds of Game 6, 2011 finals. From Jason Kidd dribbling out the clock to Dirk leaving the court early to collect himself, I’ll never forget watching my favourite team achieve their ultimate goal.

Mark: I was at the first game when the Clippers played the Mavericks this past season. Before the game I was booing DeAndre Jordan while he was practicing free throws. He missed 10 in a row before Jamal Crawford looked at me and asked me to be quiet.

Dan: In game 2 against the heat in 2011, Dwyane Wade hit a 3 pointer in front of the Mavs bench and celebrated with Lebron. At that moment I turned to my friend that I was watching it with and said "well at least we made it to the finals, no-one was going to beat this heat team". That comeback will stay with me forever.

Chase: The Mavs ousting the Lakers in the 2011 playoffs was pretty satisfying. Three’s fell like rain, a high-efficiency superstar, Dirk, triumphed over a high-usage superstar, Kobe, and Ron Artest (pre-name change) missed a wide open lay up in hilarious fashion.

Carson: Oh boy. Obviously the championship in 2011 was a transcendent moment in Mavs history, and may or may not have brought tears to my eyes. I will say that when I heard that Dallas had traded for Tyson Chandler I ran through my house screaming "WE GOT TYSON" so there’s that.

Who is your favorite non-Dirk Maverick of all time and why?

Chase: In recent memory, I gotta go with J.J. Barea. So much heart, and such a great finisher. Reaching back before my time, the Rolando Blackman + Derrick Harper backcourt was killer. If you want to fall into a YouTube hole for a while, look up their highlights.

Dan: Can I say Rick Carlisle? Otherwise, The Custodian - Brian Cardinal.

Carson: Steve Nash has always been my second favorite, although more recently I really fell in love with Al-Farouq Aminu.

Mark: It’s a toss up between Rajon Rondo and Derek Fisher.

James: Long live Drew Gooden.

Andi: I had an irrational boy band-esque crush on Steve Nash as a girl, but as a grown lady, Tyson Chandler won me over with his playing, affability, and travel alias "Tommy Bunz."

Michael: Tyson because he was Dirk’s frontcourt soulmate.

What’s the most ridiculous Maverick item you own?

Mark: I don’t really have anything ridiculous. But I’m getting a tattoo of a silhouette of Dirk’s fadeaway on my leg when he retires.

James: In my younger days, I convinced myself that a replica Mavericks practice jersey was a good online purchase. It is reversible though, so thats a plus.

Chase: I have a bobblehead of Shawn Marion dressed as Neo from the Matrix. RIP ‘Trix.

Carson: I am lucky enough to be in possession of a signed picture of myself and Champ from about 6 or 7 years ago.

Andi: A Rondo shirt.

Michael: It used to be the classic "Dirk is my homeboy" tee. Now, a piece of the Mavs hardwood floor from when they won the chip, a gift from my homeboy Luke.

Dan: I have an A4 piece of paper with a poorly printed, pixelated photo of shawn marion in a mavs uniform. I found it on the ground in December 2015 when the mavs played in Brooklyn, it made no sense whatsoever but I had to keep it.

What do you hope to contribute to the site?

Michael: Hopefully, more game recaps for wins than losses. Mavs content that makes you think and laugh and cry (in a good way?). Also, my background is in data so I’ll bring the nerd.

Chase: In addition to snarky game analysis, I’m excited to dive deep into the business of basketball. With the salary cap and contract environment constantly evolving, it’ll be interesting to see how the Mavs adapt.

Carson: I’d like to mainly stick with player analysis and game coverage. I’ve got some ideas for some retro Mavs articles (best players in each era, all-time best individual games by Mavs throughout the years, etc.)

Dan: Creating graphics is probably my strong point, but i’ll always be around for some great Mavs talk and analysis. I can interpret any of Andrew Bogut’s Australianisms that you may not get.

Mark: I’ll be sticking with game coverage for the most part. I promise to throw in a sufficient amount of Hot Rod references and Spongebob quotes to nicely fit with recapping how Dirk’s fadeaway won us games.

Andi: I enjoy evaluating how the new guys are brought into the fold under a brilliant coach, an undeniable legend, and topsy-turvy front office. It’s never ideal, but always entertaining. I hope to pitch in on game coverage and some data visualization/infographic stuff as well.

James: Weekly proof that a diehard fan can still maintain some semblance of objective game coverage.

Are you on social media? Where can the people find you?

James: @jykpark on Twitter, Instagram.

Chase: @ChaseBeakley on Twitter. Very creative, I know…

Mark: @Marksoup92, I’m on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat

Andi: @andi_harman on Twitter, @andiharman on Instagram.

Michael: @michaelofchang on Twitter

Dan: @danspeak_ on Twitter, readysetdan on snapchat.