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Tyson Chandler tells Jason Terry the Mavericks would've won back-to-back NBA titles

This is one of the great debates in franchise history.

Dallas Mavericks v Miami Heat - Game Six Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images

If you're of the majority that think the Dallas Mavericks would've won two straight NBA championships in 2011 and 2012, you have a major supporter on your side.

Former Dallas center Tyson Chandler, who will be forever loved for his contribution to the 2011 championship team, said to former Mavs teammate Jason Terry on his SiriusXM show that if the Mavericks had not broken up the team that shocked every breathing organism in 2011, they would've hoisted the Larry O'Brien trophy again in the lockout-shortened 2012 season.

"I know, I feel like for sure, we would've went back-to-back," said Chandler, who signed a four-year deal with the New York Knicks that offseason and went on to win the Defensive Player of the Year award in 2012. "I felt like that for sure. After that? I don't know. But, I felt like for sure, we would've went back-to-back."

This will forever be one of the great debates in Mavericks history, and the last five seasons have shown that breaking up the title squad was a wrong move. This is what would've happened. Feel free to face palm many times.

1) The Mavs resign Chandler to a long-term deal and lock up the center position for the foreseeable future. Remember: Chandler gone meant moving Brendan Haywood to the starting lineup, and he was a shell of his former self by this point. Keep Chandler, amnesty Haywood and keep Mahinmi as the backup by not trading him for Darren freaking Collison. Also, Chris Kaman is not even thought of. My God, that 2013 team was hot garbage.

2) Dallas resigns Caron Butler and Rick Carlisle creates a super-death defensive starting five involving Jason Kidd, Butler, Tyson Chandler, Shawn Marion and defensive ace Dirk Nowitzki. 'Trix moves to the starting lineup because after 2011, he deserves this. The Mavericks could still make a run at Vince Carter and make him the backup to Marion, while keeping Terry as the sixth man. Plenty of offense off the bench. Also, this means O.J. Mayo doesn't exist in the realms of Dallas history the following year. Again, that team = dumpster fire.

3) With Butler back in the fold, the Mavericks don't go completely mental and trade for Lamar Odom. This is probably the key to this whole thing and I don't need to elaborate any further.

4) The Mavs move forward with signing Brandan Wright and make him Dirk's backup. This is important because Yi Jianlian was Dirk's backup, and again, that is all.

As for if this team would've repeated, that's another story. The Oklahoma City Thunder improved greatly one year removed from its first trip to the Western Conference Finals. The San Antonio Spurs also got much better by adding a rookie wing named Kawhi Leonard. This Dallas team, however, would've still been better than Memphis, theClippers and the end-of-the-road Lakers. A couple of bounces go their way and Dallas is back in the finals.

The Miami Heat would've been in their way again. This probably goes seven games and Dallas has a great chance at winning another title. But also, this was the beginning of LeBron James' immediate NBA dominance. It would not be easy for the Mavericks to contain LeBron again for another seven-game series by this point. For sure, LeBron's not laying another egg given another chance.

I'll let you fill in the blanks with that. Even if they're not a championship team every year, Dallas is probably still a second round team or Western Conference finalist today.

Damn it.