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Where the failed Mavericks draft picks are now

This is where various Mavericks draft picks have ended up, and what careers they could look into if basketball doesn't end up working out.

It's no secret that the Mavericks haven't had recent success in the NBA Draft. Wherever the blame lies, that's a discussion for another time. Today, we're looking at where the various Mavericks draft picks are now.

Dominique Jones (2011 - 2013)

DoJo may be an NBA Champion, but unfortunately that hasn't helped him stay in the league though. In his first season with the Mavs he only played a total of 18 games, a champion season where fringe players barely saw any time. After two more underwhelming and injury riddled seasons, DoJo was waived by the Mavs. Last December he played his last season for the Shanxi Brave Dragons (China), averaging 32 points, eight rebounds and seven assists per game. Currently Jones isn't under contract, however perhaps he could have a future in real estate?

dojo realty

Shane Larkin (2013 - 2014)

I'll admit it, I was actually excited about Shane Larkin when the Mavs got him on draft night. I saw an incredibly fast point guard that I thought could really contribute as a solid backup. Well, I was wrong. We saw a couple of flashy nights from Larkin, but that was about it -- he never developed into something for the Mavericks and was a part of the trade to the Knicks that brought Tyson Chandler back for a second run. It was reported earlier this month that Shane had signed a contract with Spanish league team Saski Baskonia after playing two incredibly average seasons with the Knicks and Nets. I'd love to see him as a barista in a future career, though.


Rodrigue Beaubois (2009 - 2013)

Roddy Buckets was one good game away from making me go buy his jersey that rookie season, when he lit it up every time he got on the floor and even had a 40-point game. It would have been really be interesting to see what sort of player Roddy would have become if it wasn't for his bad string of injuries, but after one too many breaks to his foot, he saw his time with the Mavericks end after they missed the playoffs in 2013. On July 22, after rumors that Beaubois would be in play for one of the final Mavericks' roster spots, Beaubois signed a two-year deal with the Spanish league team Saski Baskonia instead (the same team as Larkin). But hopefully one day, he'll finally have time to open that bakery he has always been talking about.


Jared Cunningham (2012 - 2013)

The Mavericks struck out yet again with another undersized guard who didn't quite fit in the system. I remember hearing him being compared to Russell Westbrook, which was obviously quite the overstatement. Cunningham appeared in only eight games for the Mavs, before starting his journey of bouncing around nine teams in just three-and-a-half seasons. After finding himself without an NBA contract, Cunningham has signed a deal with the Jiangsu Monkey Kings in China, which is just a great name for a team. As he is quite the seasoned traveller, I could imagine him getting behind the steering wheel of his own plane and becoming a pilot if this whole basketball thing doesn't work out for him.