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Every leaked Mavericks NBA 2K17 rating

Some players shared their ratings, but now we have them all.

Players have been tweeting their NBA 2K17 ratings over the past few days, in anticipation for the game coming out on Sept. 20. Now nearly all the ratings are out, and here’s how the Mavericks did, via @Steve_OS.

Here are all the overall ratings, since that’s a bit difficult to see.

Dirk Nowitzki - 84

Harrison Barnes - 79

Wesley Matthews - 78

Andrew Bogut - 77

J.J. Barea - 76

Deron Williams - 76

Dwight Powell - 74

Devin Harris - 73

Justin Anderson - 73

Quincy Acy - 72

Seth Curry - 72

Overall, these all seem about right. Even if you disagree, NBA 2K ratings are not really a hill you should decide to die on. Dirk Nowitzki is the team’s best player, and no one’s doubting that. Harrison Barnes’ three-point shot appears to have been faulted for the Finals, but the way the ratings work is that they’re constantly updated throughout the year, so that’s bound to change. Overall, outside of Dirk Nowitzki’s and J.J. Barea’s mid-range shooting, there’s no “A” skills visible in this short snippet of a screenshot. That speaks to this Mavericks roster: a bunch of all-around solid players, but few with elite skills.

A few of the bench players had already taken advantage of 2K’s viral marketing, tweeting at Ronnie 2K, the franchise’s long-running online spokesperson, and then tweeting a screencap of it all.

Preciate it @Ronnie2K @NBA2K ... Playing with that Dallas across my chest is truly a dream come true #Blessed

A photo posted by Quincy Acy (@quincyacy) on

For Anderson, it was cool to see his new rating, but for Acy and Curry, it was the first chance to have “Dallas” emblazoned across their chest.

We’ll get the roster updated with the rest of the team — they’re all rated 73 overall and below, and we’re only really missing Salah Mejri and whatever players make the final few roster spots.