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Watch Dirk Nowitzki drop 30 points on Michael Jordan's Wizards in 2003

Dirk got the best of MJ that day, which obviously makes Dirk the GOAT.

Dirk Nowitzki is an old man. He taught Karl-Anthony Towns a lesson or two last season with a vintage 29-point performance last season. Towns might very well be the best player in the game in a few seasons, but like many future hall of famers, he had no answer for Nowitzki. The very same thing could be said about Michael Jordan. On a Sunday afternoon in 2003, Dirk gave Jordan and the Wizards bucket after bucket on national television in a really fun overtime game. Both Dirk and Jordan played an absurd 52 minutes in the game, which happened to be a trend for Dirk under Don Nelson.

Steve Nash chipped in with some clutch baskets in overtime to finally put the Wizards away. It's always fun to watch old Nash and Nowitzki game and remember how potent they really were. At one point in the broadcast Bill Walton wonders aloud why Nowitzki is the best player on the best team in the league but nowhere to be found in the MVP conversation. Walton is also a gem in this video.