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Everything important from Mavericks Media Day

Can you smell that? Yup! That’s basketball, creeping right around the corner.

NBA: Dallas Mavericks-Media Day Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Mavericks Media Day, and Mavs Moneyball is here at the American Airlines Center. There’s always something worth talking about here, so first, keep an eye on @tim_cato and @garooya for immediate updates, plus @mavsmoneyball.

But hey, your boss doesn’t let you use Twitter at work, huh? That’s alright. Keep an eye on this post and we’ll have everything you need to take a look at. We can start here.

The Mavs will support any social protests the team decides on

Andrew Bogut’s a Dirk protector

Bogut specifically wanted to come to Dallas

Golden State gave him a choice between Houston and Big D:

Justin Anderson’s dancing skills need work

Maybe he could get some lessons from Quincy Acy!

Dirk knows his own limitations

This is both sad and hilariously self-aware.

Of course, Dirk will get his games off and rest like any other recent year, so we may get a glimpse sooner than that. (PLEASE NEVER LEAVE US DIRK.)

Dirk on Kevin Garnett

And of course, for more on Dirk and KG, check out Josh Bowe’s excellent piece.