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Mavericks open scrimmage: Seth Curry proves he’ll be a major factor, but Blue Team wins 30-21

Curry scored 15 of his team’s 21 points, further proving he’ll provide a big impact this year.

Via @DallasMavs on Twitter.

The Dallas Mavericks had their yearly open scrimmage, formerly called “Fan Jam,” on Wednesday. The Blue Team won 30-21, but it was Seth Curry’s 15 points that stood out most. Here’s what the rosters looked like.

The starters didn’t play much, but Curry and Anderson both stood out for their respective teams — Curry scoring 15 and Anderson dropping nine points for the winning Team Blue.

Rick Carlisle was just pleased that no one got injured.

It’s good to see Curry score, even in a game where no one was really playing defense, since Curry’s ability to run the pick-and-roll is promising off the bench. Plus, given his shooting, he’s clearly a factor off the ball, too. At this point, it’s likely Curry is a rotation player, and a pretty important part of this team.