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A mom asked Deron Williams for a photo, but she just wanted it for his shirt

To be fair, this is a really good shirt.

Deron Williams must be used to people taking photos of him. He’s a famous NBA player, once with a case for being the best point guard in the league. He’s 6’4, so while he might not be a seven footer, he still stands out in a crowd.

That’s what Deron thought was happening when this photo was taken. Here it is again, and mind you, this is the full photo, not cropped at all, with the tattoos definitely matching up.

Nooooot quite. From the Mavericks subreddit:

My mom asked nba point guard Deron Williams if she could take a picture of his shirt. He thought she was a fan just trying to get a picture of him.

I can’t decide which point of view is funnier.

  • There’s Deron, who is probably groaning at this lady trying to sneakily pull out her phone and snap a shot, all while he can clearly see her doing it. “Hi mam, yes, if you want a photo I’ll take one with you,” he probably said, just trying to get this over with and go on with his day. “Oh thank you!” she says excitedly, and then ... takes a photo of his shirt. Now Deron’s just confused, before it all dawns on him. This lady doesn’t even know who he is. She just really thought “who’s laughing meow” was a good T-shirt caption.
  • Then there’s the mom. She sees an athletic man walking through the mall, and then she sees the shirt, and she’s absolutely tickled by it. Her words, you know, since I’ve never heard of someone under the age of 45 use the word tickled. She just loves it so much, and she knows her son will, too. She doesn’t want to bother this busy looking man, so she tries to snap one. He must have noticed — he must have a lot of people trying to take pictures of him because of that shirt — and he tells her she can snap that photo. A look of confusion goes over his face when she focuses on the front of the shirt, which is weird. This must happen to him with this shirt all the time!

Alright, buzzkill, the mom did know who Deron was. I prefer the imagined version, though. From Reddit:

She knew who he was, it isn't the first time she's seen him, she sees these guys often, she just doesn't care that they play basketball.

Oh well, I love it anyway.