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Rick Carlisle is friends with Keith Hornsby’s famous dad

Who knew that Carlisle could tickle the ivories?

NBA: Playoffs-Dallas Mavericks at Oklahoma City Thunder Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Mavericks’ addition of Keith Hornsby to their training camp roster may have flown under your radar this summer. It certainly did for me. However, he’ll be one of several young players that the team will be evaluating come October. Hornsby played his final two years of college at LSU and averaged over 13 points and almost four assists per game but went undrafted this summer.

We’re not here to talk about his basketball skills, though. No, we’re here to mention his famous father, pianist Bruce Hornsby. The elder Hornsby has played with countless musicians from Bob Dylan, Don Henley, Wayne Shorter, Crosby, Stills and Nash, and The Grateful Dead to name just a few. But one person that he has performed with is of particular interest to us. Rick Carlisle.

Yes, that’s right. Rick Carlisle is not only a respected NBA coach but also a musician. Hornsby invited Carlisle to sit in with him and his band a few years ago. Check it out:

The performance happened in May of 2013 according to Sports Illustrated. Apparently, Carlisle and Hornsby have been friends for a number of years so it’s no wonder that Carlisle was invited on stage. What is amazing is Carlisle’s skills. Just add piano to the long list of hobbies that Carlisle dabbles in including table tennis and aviation.

And before you accuse the Mavericks of bringing in Keith Hornsby as a favor to Bruce or some kind of Illuminati plot, just know that the likelihood of him making the final roster is pretty slim.