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Mavs fans got to fly on Titanic Cam

The Mavs in-house entertainment is some of the best in the biz and they unveiled a new fan-cam Tuesday night.

The Mavs in-house video and game-day operations crew is some of the best in the NBA. They are the pioneers and trend-setters of putting professional athletes in short parody videos. Also now, fan-cams.

On Tuesday night against the Wizards, Dallas felt like it had to up their fan-cam game after the Phoenix Suns dropped the mic back in October. So we get, TITANIC CAM.

Obviously, I have some favorites. Here are my two:

WHOA BUDDY. This is a PG affair sir, no need to inch close to your lady’s....chest a public event. This isn’t a Buffalo Bills game.

On the other hand, I understand. You’ve had some beers (well she had one at least), the Mavs are playing a well and you’re just feeling the moment man. Living life like no one is watching. I envy that. I wish I were that free.

So much love. So much passion. Everyone needs a good hug-and-cuddle, especially in the cold, harsh gloom of winter. The guy being Rose isn’t holding his form very well but who cares. This is what love is. Also apparently from now till Armageddon, there will never be a photo or image of a public venue that doesn’t have two people trying to take a selfie.

Let’s use my terrible Photoshop skills to make this a portrait these two won’t ever forget.

Nailed it.