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A preview of every single Mavericks game of the 2017-18 season

82 games. 82 previews.

Los Angeles Lakers v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Aaaaaaaaannndd we’re back! The Mavericks’ season starts tonight, and as we like to do every year, here is the very accurate and very serious preview of every single game of the season.

It’s going to be a long journey; let’s do this together.

Oct. 18 vs. Hawks

The Dennis Smith Jr. era begins. Fly, rook, fly.

Oct. 20 vs. Kings

Salah Mejri gets a technical foul for picking up J.J. Barea so he can dunk the ball.

Oct. 21 at Rockets

The Mavs get their first taste of the Harden-CP3 one-two punch.

Oct. 23 vs. Warriors

Klay Thompson is still carrying around that toaster.

Oct. 25 vs. Rockets

A fourth quarter rally gets the Mavs over the line in a tight finish.

Oct. 26 at Grizzlies

A fourth quarter rally gets the Grizzlies over the line in a tight finish.

Oct. 28 vs. 76ers

“The Process” in action, in Dallas.

Oct. 30 at Jazz

... Jeff Withey revenge game?

Nov. 1 at Clippers

The brutal November run begins.

Nov. 3 vs. Pelicans

Hey Dallas, be good... Boogie is a free agent next season.

Nov. 4 at Timberwolves

Dennis Smith Jr. earns his first double-double as a pro.

Nov. 7 at Wizards

Dirk is still out there giving the Wizards headaches.

Nov. 11 vs. Cavaliers

The Mavericks might struggle to contain Kyrie Irving Isaiah Thomas.

Nov. 12 at Thunder

The Harrison Barnes vs Paul George game.

Nov. 14 vs. Spurs

Beware of the claw.

Nov. 17 vs. Timberwolves

At some point, Gian Clavell is going to have a 25-point game. This will be it.

Nov. 18 vs. Bucks

The Mavericks go berserk from behind the arc. You get a three! And you get a three! Everybody gets a threeee!

Nov. 20 vs. Celtics

The Mavericks might struggle to contain Isaiah Thomas Kyrie Irving.

Nov. 22 at Grizzlies

Chandler Parsons out there, still trying to get his revenge game on the Mavs.

Nov. 25 vs. Thunder

Nerlens Noel shows us all why he’s worth that max contract.

Nov. 27 at Spurs

Jeff Withey erupts with eight threes, becomes a new fan favorite.

Nov. 29 vs. Nets

*Googles who’s on the Nets* Oh yeah, D’Angelo Russell!

Dec. 2 vs. Clippers

Miloš Teodosić is really something.

Dec. 4 vs. Nuggets

Nikola Jokic triple-double Watch.

Dec. 6 at Celtics

Dirk drops 20 points and schools Aron Baynes along the way.

Dec. 8 at Bucks

Somebody is going to have to stop this guy.

Dec. 10 at Timberwolves

Harrison Barnes scores 30, leading Dallas to victory.

Dec. 12 vs. Spurs

Seth Curry hits his career high in points.

Dec. 14 at Warriors

This.... this might not be fun.

Dec. 16 at Spurs

Get ready for a Harrison Barnes career game.

Dec. 18 vs. Suns

Third-year Devin Booker could be a problem.

Dec. 20 vs. Pistons

Wes Matthews is cold for three quarters until hitting clutch threes to get the Mavs the win.

Dec. 22 at Heat

J. J. Barea saves the day in the fourth with some clutch shooting.

Dec. 23 at Hawks

Has anyone ever seen Chance the Rapper and Kent Bazemore in the same room?

Dec. 26 vs. Raptors

Boxing day in Canada!

Dec. 27 at Pacers

Dirk gets a “DNP - Old.”

Dec. 29 at Pelicans

The Mavs open the game with Hack-a-Rondo.

Dec. 31 at Thunder

New Years Eve celebrations in Oklahoma City as the Mavs win this one in overtime.

Jan. 3 vs. Warriors

Excuse me, Shaun. Please don’t do this again.

Jan. 5 vs. Bulls

After the first half, both teams agree to just settle the game with a dunk-off between Zach LaVine and Dennis Smith Jr.

Jan. 7 vs. Knicks

I will be at this game. I will win the halftime Whataburger fry toss.

Jan. 9 vs. Magic

41 games down, 41 to go.

Jan. 10 at Hornets

Let’s goooooooooo!

Jan. 13 vs. Lakers

The crowd erupts as Mark Cuban and LaVar Ball enter the octagon for the halftime entertainment.

Jan. 16 at Nuggets

Harrison Barnes slump game.

Jan. 20 at Trailblazers

Harrison Barnes bounce-back game!

Jan. 22 vs. Wizards

Josh McRoberts flirts with the NBA record for three pointers made.

Jan. 24 vs. Rockets

I hope we get to see some of these free throws.

Jan. 26 vs. Trailblazers

Lillard time vs. Nowitzki time.

Jan. 27 at Nuggets

Yogi Ferrell out in Denver ballin’.

Jan. 29 vs. Heat

Of course Devin Harris saves the game.

Jan. 31 at Suns

There’s something about the Phoenix air that gets Maximilian Kleber going.

Feb. 3 at Kings

Dou-ble. Over-time.

Feb. 5 at Clippers

Please Mavs, don’t let Steve get this excited. We can’t bare to watch this dance.

Feb. 8 at Warriors

Swaggy P catches fire.

Feb. 10 vs. Lakers

Dennis Smith Jr. > Lonzo Ball

Feb. 11 at Rockets

DSJ cracks 30 points. We’ve got a star!

Feb. 13 vs. Kings

Last game before the All-Star break!

Feb. 23 at Lakers

Dirk has his post All-Star break 25 and 10 game.

Feb. 24 at Jazz

This shootout between Joe Ingles and Jeff Withey is going to be great.

Feb. 26 vs. Pacers

Every starter hits double digit points.

Feb. 28 vs. Thunder

Okay who’s going to guard Westbrook... and Carmelo... AND Paul George?

Mar. 2 at Bulls

They call it the Windy City because of all the airballs the Bulls are gonna put up, amiright???

Mar. 4 vs. Pelicans

Do not let this creature haunt your dreams.

Indiana Pacers v New Orleans Pelicans Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Mar. 6 vs. Nuggets

Harrison Barnes puts the team on his back and hits bucket after bucket.

Mar. 10 vs. Grizzlies

Not the prettiest game as neither team makes it to 50 points before half time.

Mar. 11 vs. Rockets

Ryan Anderson. Someone get out to Ryan Anderson.

Mar. 13 at Knicks

Beware of the unicorn.

Mar. 16 at Raptors

The Raptors pick up a technical foul as Drake storms the court after a missed call.

Mar. 17 at Nets

Get in. Win. Get out.

Mar. 20 at Pelicans

Nerlens Noel vs. Anthony Davis!

Mar. 22 vs. Jazz

Wes Matthews leads the Mavericks with seven threes.

Mar. 24 vs. Hornets

The Mavericks drop a very winnable game at home.

Mar. 27 at Kings

Blink and you’ll miss De’Aaron Fox.

Mar. 28 at Lakers

Playoff odds implication game.

Mar. 30 vs. Timberwolves

Mavs give up a big third quarter lead and let this one slip away from them.

Apr. 1 at Cavaliers

Playoff odds implication game.

Apr. 3 vs. Trailblazers

Lottery odds implication game.

Apr. 4 at Magic

Dwight Powell game!

Apr. 6 at Pistons

Dennis Smith Jr. Buzzer beater!

Apr. 8 at 76ers

I’m going to be honest: I fear Joel Embiid.

Apr. 10 vs. Suns