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Devin Harris out indefinitely following brother’s death

There’s no timeline for the Mavericks guard to return.

NBPA Player Portraits Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images for the NBPA

Devin Harris will be away from the team indefinitely following his brother’s death on Thursday.

The Dallas Morning News reported yesterday that Bruce Harris passed away Thursday afternoon following a car crash earlier that day. Harris’ car was struck by another vehicle while he and a passenger were inside.

Per Earl K. Sneed, the Mavericks won’t be offering a statement and Harris will remain away from the team “until he’s ready to return:”

This is obviously a moment in which basketball should and is taking a back seat to something far more important. Bruce Harris was known and well liked by many who’ve covered Devin Harris’ career over the years. In addition to his brother, he leaves behind a son.

With Harris out, Rick Carlisle indicated that the team may call up Gian Clavell, one of the Mavericks’ two-way contracts, from the G-League now that the team is missing both Harris and Seth Curry. The team faces the Sacramento Kings tonight before heading to Houston on Saturday.