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Social Sunday: Dennis Smith Jr. is awesome

Some good tweets this week, mostly about how great DSJ is.

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Memphis Grizzlies
Me reading your tweets
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Week two of Social Sunday and would you believe it? There are more tweets for you to read. This week the Mavericks had some fun games and also some painful ones, both of which led to great tweets.

A quick housekeeping note: while I can find most of Mavs Twitter’s best tweets, there is a chance some slip through the cracks. If you see a tweet that should be featured here during the week, just tweet @80gradewhitt and let me know. Or do this if you want to yell about how bad these tweets are.

Now, here are the best of this week’s tweets!

Starting with some darn good Dennis defense, because point guard blocks are fun and so is Dennis Smith Jr.

This was really special for Curry to reach out to a kid who has been through so much lately. Our hearts go out to the family of Bruce Harris.

Austin is petty. This is a petty tweet, which makes it good.

Josh is mad. Water is wet.

This is a fact. A sad fact, but a fact that will keep resurfacing because rotations make no sense.

Youth is a beautiful, joyous thing.

This tweet had me actually laughing aloud which really spooked my dog.

High praise from someone who knows what it takes to be a really good NBA point guard.

Bless Phil Jackson’s whole heart.

I’m like Eric Bledsoe at a hair salon because I, too, am out of here. Thank you for enjoying the tweets.