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The NBA is removing the East vs. West format from the All-Star game

This new change is great for the league.

2011 NBA All-Star Game Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The NBA has announced that the Eastern Conference vs. Western Conference system will no longer be a part of the All-Star game, but will include two captains picking their own teams to battle it out for this season’s event in Los Angeles.

It’s no secret the NBA All-Star showcase has been a little hit and miss for some time now, but with the most recent change to the format of the weekend, we may see a return to the glory that once was the All-Star game.

The voting process will still take place as normal, players will be voted into the game by fans, players and media members, however the two all-stars with the most votes will be nominated as captains for each team.

Lastly, the teams will be playing for good causes, where donations will be distributed among local and national charities. Why are these changes good?

1. This new element to the game will keep us fans guessing and pondering what-if, during the lead up to the game as we wait to see what two teams will be put together and how they’ll work.

2. “Change is as good as a holiday” - Someone smart. The game has been a little stale at times in recent past, but something different like this could give All-Star Weekend the spark it needs to keep fans engaged and entertained.

3. We all love some drama in the NBA, and the captains are going to be able to be petty and leave other players off their team. I’m probably most excited about the concept of someone going out of their way to dunk on another after he gets left of a team. This should really ignite the competitiveness the game has been lacking for a while now.

In the spirit of good NBA All-Star game news, here’s one of the greatest moments in the game’s history.