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Social Sunday: Dennis Smith Jr. steals our hearts (and our tweets)

This week in Mavericks social media

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Hey y’all did you miss me? I mean you probably didn’t because you’re busy doing other things and that’s fine. We’re back with more social media sundries here for you to enjoy.

Thank you twitterers for tweeting the tweets this week. You truly outdid yourselves in my absence. Now let’s make up for lost time and get back to the goods everyone came here for.

It’s always good to start with DSJ dunks because they provide the rich nutrients our bodies crave.

Did you know Dennis Smith had such a unique middle name?

The greatest foreign born player in NBA history passed some dude in a Rockets uniform for yet another accolade of a glorious career.

LeBron is a big Dennis Smith Junior fan which makes him a Mavericks fan which means Lebron James to the Mavericks next summer confirmed. Bet you didn’t think this post would have breaking news, did you?

I don’t even know who Nerlens Noel is. Is he a G-League prospect?

I’m always in favor of more banners.

Lebron is still mad about 2011. Give it time, all wounds will eventually heal.

Hey look it’s the greatest basketball player ever and some Cleveland player hugging.

We’ve got more Dennis Dunks because I’m concerned about y’all getting your daily serving of vitamin Dunk.

It’s gonna be a long season.

Think of a book as an extremely long thread of tweets that you read on a piece of paper. We’re so proud of our large adult author son Tim.

I don’t know how spirit animals work but I’m pretty sure yes this one checks out. I would also like to adopt this spirit animal as my own.

That’s all the tweets we’ve got time for this week but I’ll be back next week with another heap of fresh ones just for you. Until next time, tweet wisely my friends.