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You’ll never guess what someone mailed to Dirk Nowitzki

This potato is better than KG.

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Fans show their appreciation for the NBA players they love in many ways. They buy jerseys, paint their faces and make signs praising or proposing marriage to them. Love runs the gamut, after all. That gamut also includes tubers, apparently.

Wednesday morning, Dirk Nowitzki, who just surpassed the 30,000-point milestone a week ago, tweeted out a picture of a rather unique gift a fan sent to him.

Yes, that’s Dirk in potato form.

It’s likely that the adoring fan that sent Nowitzki the spud used Potato Parcel. If you haven’t heard of Potato Parcel, it’s “a service that allows you to send anyone in the U.S. a Potato with a personalized message on it.”

Now you want to send someone a potato, don’t you?

We’re not sure what Dirk will do with a potato bearing his likeness but since he’s German he may want to make some traditional German potato salad or maybe some potato pancakes.

Whatever he decides to do, we can bet he’ll treasure it like his Finals MVP trophy.