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3 things to watch as the Mavericks host the Warriors

The Mavs haven’t been able to beat the Warriors this season. Perhaps this is their time.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Mavericks (30-39) will take on the Warriors (56-14) in Dallas at the American Airlines Center tonight. The Mavs will be trying to carry over the momentum from a win against the Nets last Sunday night.

This is the only time this season that the Warriors will visit the AAC, so it will be the first time Harrison Barnes hosts his old team on his floor.

The last time these two teams met, the Warriors beat the Mavericks 108-99, led by Klay Thompson with 29 points and Kevin Durant with a 19 point, 11 rebound and 10 assist triple-double.

Here’s three things to watch in tonight’s matchup.

Battle of the brothers

Last time the Mavs played the Warriors, Seth Curry was not yet the version of himself that we have grown to love since 2017 ticked over. In the past we have romanticized the idea of the Currys going at each other and both lighting up the scoreboard on the same night. However, this is probably the first time that we could reasonably expect something resembling a shootout between the two.

Whilst Steph is obviously still the superior Curry, Seth will be ready to give his older brother everything he’s got to try and outplay him. The differences between their points per game and their shooting percentages have been getting closer and closer over the last stretch of games. It will be interesting tonight to see who will rate higher on the Scoville scale.

Zaza Pachulia’s return to Dallas

The big man from Georgia was a fan favorite in his one stint as a Maverick last season. Zaza did, however, start to fall out of favor on the court late into his time here, but the Mavericks relied on him heavily pretty early to fill the gaping hole at the center spot.

Pachulia averaged 8.6 points and 9.4 rebounds while playing 26.4 minutes. He wasn’t a total box score filler, but he was constantly diving on lose balls, taking charges and always got the crowd into the game when they needed a lift.

Zaza has been reasonably serviceable for the Warriors, averaging 6.4 points, six rebounds and two assists in 18.4 minutes.

Harrison Barnes says "welcome to my* house"

We’ve covered Barnes’ breakout a lot, but I’m going to sound like a broken record for a second and just mention again that he’s improved dramatically this season. This time around Barnes gets to host his old team in his* house and will relish the opportunity to play in front of his home fans while trying to drop 30-plus on the Warriors.

Golden State hasn’t looked as deadly and dangerous as they have in the past, so this might be Barnes’ opportunity to lead the Mavs to victory over them, especially considering how the Mavericks have been able to take down some of the best teams in the NBA this season. The Mavs are 0-2 against the Warriors, so perhaps this is their time to take one from them.

The dream would be for Harrison Barnes to hit some big shots late in the fourth and see him stick it to them while giving them the old "this is my* house."

*still technically Dirk’s

How to watch

You can catch the game on Fox Sports Southwest (or NBA League Pass outside of the Dallas area) starting at 7:30pm Central. Follow along with us to catch all of our game coverage!