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Dirk Nowitzki confirms he will play his 20th season next year

Dirk talked with ESPN’s Marc Stein about the road to 30K, 2011 and more.

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Detroit Pistons Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki appeared on his first ever podcast that was released Friday, talking with ESPN’s Marc Stein on the cusp of reaching 30,000 career points. The two spent 41 minutes talking a whole host of topics. You can find a link to the podcast in the tweet below.

Most importantly, if there was any doubt left, Dirk confirmed he will return for his 20th season next year, all with the Mavs.

"I think so ... unless something drastic changes here in the next few weeks or the last few weeks of the season, which I don't anticipate,” Dirk said, per “I said last summer: I signed a two-year deal, that obviously meant I want to play for two more. I want to complete that deal.‎

"Twenty is a great number. I think 20 seasons also with one team, like I'm trying to do it — I think only Kobe has done it — that's another great accomplishment. So I kinda want to make the 20 fold.”

Nowitzki spoke glowingly about new teammate Harrison Barnes and how he didn’t realize how much potential Barnes had until he came to Dallas. One of the things Nowitzki said takes a player to the next level is the ability to create in the mid range.

In the preseason, Nowitzki said he took Barnes aside to see what his moves were, and Dirk said Barnes matched him shot for shot. That’s when he knew Barnes was special. Stein and Nowitzki didn’t talk about Nerlens Noel, likely because this was recorded before the trade happened.

The two also spoke about returning home after the championship, Steve Nash and what could have been, and the difficulties of being told you might be better off tanking.