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Social media reacts to Dirk’s 30,000 points

Many many people were quite happy for everyone’s favorite German.

Los Angeles Lakers v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

I’m sure you’re all aware at this point that our hero, Dirk Nowitzki, joined an exclusive club tonight. Only the sixth player to ever score 30,000+ points. Kind of a big deal.

Needless to say, many people all over the basketball world were offering up their congrats. A lot of former players offered up praise.

From old friends:

To former legends:

To the modern day GOAT:

A few former teammates (shout out to Anthony Morrow calling Dirk “an old burger”):

And the commish himself:

Hell even former rival Kevin Garnett jumped in to give the Big German his due.

There were also heartfelt and warm congrats from Dallas-based NBA reporter Mark Stein.

It wasn’t just basketball people who were impressed. Ben Stiller took time away from his farm-related chores to express his admiration.

Cowboys great Jason Witten stated the obvious truth that Dirk is one of the greatest ever.

Former Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland had a fantastic reaction tweet (for my fellow HIMYM fans at least).

Hometown FC Dallas star Kellyn Acosta recorded a sweet video.

Obviously this was a huge and meaningful and emotional moment for Dirk, the team, and for all of us. But I think Holger best captured the emotion we were all feeling tonight, as we celebrated Dirk’s accomplishments.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.