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Checking in on former Mavs around the NBA

Follow us as we see how former Mavs are doing.

Golden State Warriors v Phoenix Suns Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The season’s about over, so now seems like a good time to take a break and see how the numerous former Mavericks around the league are doing. Given the ever-changing roster the past few years, there are even enough of them that we can take on a this team by team basis:

Atlantic Division


Brooklyn’s sole former Mav is Quincy Acy, a Dallasite whose homecoming lasted all of three weeks. Acy ended up in Brooklyn this season via the Texas Legends and has played pretty well on a team better suited for him than Dallas.


Dear friend Jae Crowder is still playing really good defense, shooting very well and being paid a very affordable salary. Look, when life gives you Rajon Rondo trades, you complain about it for years. Gerald Green is also here. He’s 31 now, and the elderly statesman for a fairly young Boston club.


Justin Anderson moved into the starting lineup a week ago and is Philly’s newest “3 and D” project. With Crowder in mind, we’ll be watching you closely, Simba.

Central Division


Rajon Rondo, did you not make the playoffs (probably) again? Are you a probable free agent to be yet again? But you’re such a valuable player and stellar teammate—these things are so very surprising. There’s also Anthony Morrow, who was a Mav for a half a season years ago.


Mavs to Cavs! Cleveland has sort of become the elderly transition home for ex-Mavs as they take on backup jobs to ring chase. Shawn Marion started it, Richard Jefferson joined (and snapchatted the whole thing) and now Deron Williams and Andrew Bogut jumped on this train in February.


The Mississippi Missile is still here, albeit in something of a smaller role of late. Monta Ellis, who seemed to have averaged 17 points per game since forever despite his 6-1 stature, is down to only 8.7 PPG this year.


The Central Division is fond of ex-Mavericks. Jason Kidd is in his third year coaching the Bucks (still not sure if this is serious) and has the Fear the Deers back in the playoffs despite losing Jabari Parker. Jason Eugene Terry has my vote for Player Coach of the Year and is one of the last players in the league still older than Dirk.

Southeast Division


Jose Calderon and Kris Humphries are apparently still in the NBA and playing for the Hawks. I honestly haven’t thought about them in years but remember, they helped fetch key players in mega-trades (Tyson Chandler, Shawn Marion). Thanks for that.


Wayne “Make it Wayne” Ellington is here and is still a good shooter off the bench for the surprisingly competitive Heat.

Northwest Division


I feel like the Mavs have been linked to many Nuggets (Wilson Chandler, Kenneth Faried, Roy Hibbert, Mike Miller) but none of them have actually been Mavs. Jameer Nelson was though! A throw in to the Rondo trade that broke up that piping hot 2014-15 Mavericks offense, Nelson has played well in Denver this year as a part-time starter. Good job, Jameer.


Al-Farouq Aminuuuuuu has emerged as a solid all-around glue guy on Terry Scotts’ squad, averaging nearly 9/8/1.2/1/0.7 (points/rebounds/threes/steals/blocks) per game this year. Good for AFA. His 4 years and 30 million deal looks incredibly cheap now.

Pacific Division

Golden State

Zaza Pachulia persists as a starting NBA center, starting all 68 games he’s played this year. Somehow, the Mavericks lost the offseason center swaparoo with Golden State, although Bogut’s contract did at least help get Nerlens Noel. It’s like they say, one man’s often-injured older center is another man’s reason not to pay a lucrative extension to a younger center with a scary knee injury. Oh, we can’t forget JaVale McGee. McGee has got his career back on track in the Bay Area and famously shut Shaq up a month ago.

L.A. Clippers

DeAndre Jordan technically was a Maverick if you believe giving your word means anything. Since DJ does not, may his birthday candles drip onto his birthday cake surprisingly fast. Raymond Felton and Brandon Bass are also here and playing functional roles on a playoff squad. They are good guys - good for them.

Los Angeles Lakers

Corey Brewer has found himself in a wasteland after being dumped by Houston in the Lou Williams trade. I’ll always appreciate Brewer’s energy and defense against Pure Mamba Kobe in 2011. Wish we kept him, and hope he gets a better spot next year.


The other former member of the Mavs championship squad I wish we kept: Tyson Chandler. Despite turning 34 in October, Chandler was a pretty solid version of himself this year before the Phoenix Suns went full millennial in February.


Former Dallas point guards, more than any other position, are littered through out the league. Darren Collison was the 2012-13 edition. Finding Jason Kidd’s Successor VI comes out this summer!

Southwest Division


Chandler Parsons is the one (we’re glad) that got away. Imagine our plight if we had signed him to a max. Brandan Wright has also been injured much of the year as well. Um, Grizzlies, you should invest in some doctors or something. One man who needs to be studied by doctors is Vince Carter. Air Canada is still looking fresh AF and can be seen putting down reverse dunks in transition in 2017:

New Orleans

Alexis Ajinca has been with New Orleans for a while. He even started several games this year. One of those weird NBA roster things.

San Antonio

David Lee is another veteran ex-Mavs on the Great Ring Chase, but he went with Whataburger instead of In-n-Out (GSW) or Shake Shack (CLE). We’ll see if it pays off in a drunken championship cheeseburger run in June.

NFL - CBS Studios

Tony Romo will be a Mav for a day. Let’s have a good time and then not speak of this ever again.