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3 things to watch in the Mavericks’ home finale against the Denver Nuggets

Just an ordinary game to close out the Mavs home schedule, yup.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks are hosting the Denver Nuggets tonight for the final home game of the season and it is a totally normal, irreverent game between two teams eliminated from playoff contention.

Dallas will have their same, absolutely not-newsworthy roster suited-up against Denver. There will be no surprises or circus acts, no sirree.

Here’s what to watch and enjoy for a regular game of basketball which will certainly be distilled to its purist form.


SURPRISE! The Mavericks are honoring recently retired Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo by making him a honorary "Maverick for a Day." When I first read this story, I assumed it meant Romo would get to hang out with the Mavs all day and then get to sit neat Cuban or near some of the players at the end of the bench and just get a lot of cool, behind-the-scenes access.

INSTEAD, Romo will actually be a Maverick for a day — he’ll go through the entire game-day routine as if he’s an actual player, participating at shootaround, going through team meetings, going through the layup line and sitting on the bench in a full-ass Mavericks jersey. The only thing he won’t do is play. It’s hilarious.

There have been a lot of scolding hot takes on both sides of the fence — "THIS IS A JOKE!" "SPORTS ARE FUN RELAX I LOVE THIS!" — and here’s my final take, elaborating on my previous take: I don’t care.

I don’t have the bandwidth or energy to get mad. I really don’t. Sports are dumb and only exist for our entertainment purposes only. Like I said earlier, host a live episode of Shark Tank at halftime. Have Cuban host all the NBA owners in flip-cup game right before the national anthem. Let Pudge Rodriguez coach for a quarter. Put Mike Modano in the Mavs Man costume and have him jump off trampolines and dunk basketballs. Who cares.

On the other hand, lol Tony what are you doing? If you haven’t noticed, even people in good shape do not always look good in a basketball uniform. It’s the most unflattering piece of fashion on the planet. I have no idea why Tony wants to look like a goober for an entire day, but rich people are really weird. Maybe he super likes the idea of looking like a 37-year-old Make-a-Wish kid. Maybe he’s really into the idea of looking like those old rich dad’s that do those sports fantasy camps. Who knows.

The amount of cringe seeing Tony take the court next to actual NBA players will be enough to fill every ocean on the planet. But whatever, if that’s what Tony wants then let him have it.

Oh I guess real players are playing

Another look at Nerlens Noel is always fun. I’m still mind-boggled by Yogi Ferrell. Maybe Jarrod Uthoff isn’t a fake player after all? I guess we can watch that.

Dwight Powell is boosting that trade value

It only took like a million games, but Powell finally looked like the stretch-four the Mavs envisioned him as a couple years ago when he dropped 21 points against the Suns on Sunday.

Powell hit 4-of-8 from deep and is 9-of-23 on threes in April. For context, Powell had made eight threes total all season before April and that’s including the preseason too. Before April of this year, he had made a total of 13 threes as a Dallas Maverick for his career.

I have no idea if it’s a flash in the pan (it probably is) or a sign of things to come, but the Mavs front court is going to get awfully crowded this off-season, with Noel and Salah Mejri coming back and A.J. Hammons somewhere in the background. Powell hasn’t cracked a consistent part in the rotation even on a bad team, so it’d make sense for the Mavs to dump the last three years of his contract on somebody. This little audition only helps.

For what it’s worth I like Powell, even though I recognize a wacky inflatable flailing arm tube man can guard the rim better than him. He has legit, some might say elite, pick and roll skills and is a smart guy. Maybe he’ll still be that with the Mavs.

How to watch

Tip off is at 7:30 p.m Central. You can catch the game on TXA21 locally and NBA League Pass elsewhere. Enjoy!