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Tony Romo’s day as a member of the Dallas Mavericks

Romo won’t play, but he’s doing basically everything else.

Tony Romo is a Dallas Maverick for the day, even running through the team’s morning shootaround before a game against the Denver Nuggets. He won’t play tonight — the Mavericks didn’t sign him to a contract, so he legally is not allowed to take the court, per NBA rules. So don’t get any ideas that this is all a facade to get him five minutes late in the game. (Plus, Denver would not like that at all, and might take it out on him with a hard screen or something that Romo just doesn’t need in his life right now.)

But it is Dallas’ quirky way to honor the quarterback. Here he is coming out to practice, along with his son Hawkins.

He gets his own locker for a day!

And a jumper!

Thank you #mavs. I'm humbled by your gesture...At least I made one shot today.

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He held a mostly uneventful press conferences, where he said nice things about Rick Carlisle, and vice versa. He also had this lovely answer about how great Dirk Nowitzki is.

There was A LOT of media here for it. I have covered the Mavericks in the playoffs since 2014, and this was more media than I ever saw for any first round there.

Romo will go through warmups, and he and Dirk made a public bet on Twitter about it.

We’ll continue updating this post with whatever important things come from it.