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Mavs drop home finale to Denver on “Romo night”, 109-91

Dallas lost, but that’s not what people will remember about this game.

NBA: Denver Nuggets at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

To quote Dana Carvey’s impression of Johnny Carson, tonight’s Dallas Mavericks game was “weird, wild stuff.”

Tony Romo suited up — did you hear about this? -- for the basketball team. Imagine that.


Seriously, though, in a forgettable season, Mark Cuban and Rick Carlisle gave Tony Romo a chance to say goodbye to the Dallas fans, albeit in an odd setting. Romo was introduced along with the starters(Yogi actually was the one who played), acquitted himself in the layup line and with two minutes left in the game, Rick Carlisle took Romo to the scorer’s table as though he was about to sub him in, before Mark Cuban dragged Romo back to his seat, both grinning ear to ear. The crowd absolutely lost it at all this, of course.


Dirk left the game for good in the third quarter, but not before adding to his career scoring tally with 21 points to lead all scorers. Dirk was a spectator from then on, mostly giggling at the Romo antics along with the rest of the team bench. Nowitzki gave a respectful introduction to Tony at the start of the game, along with Rick Carlisle.


To our international readers who couldn’t care less about (American) football, sorry to bore you. There’s just one game left in the season, and it’ll come fast, as the Mavs take on Memphis Wednesday night in less than 24 hours. Basketball — like Dirk — can’t lost forever, so if you’re one of the brave few still sticking with this team, try to find whatever small pleasures you can in enjoying the final crumb of the 2016-17 season.