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Should the Mavericks have played Tony Romo against the Nuggets?

Mark Cuban pushed to have Tony Romo play in an NBA game and had to be stopped by the Commissioner. But what if he hadn’t been stopped?

NBA: Denver Nuggets at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The argument has died down over or not the Dallas Mavericks should’ve honored former Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo in the way that they did in their final home game against the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday. But for some, the question has been taken a step further: what if Tony Romo had actually been put into the game?

It sounds like Mark Cuban wanted Romo to actually play, going so far as to bring it up to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver:

When he approached NBA commissioner Adam Silver with the idea, Cuban said, "I told him what I was going to do and said, 'Fine me if you don't like it.'"

Silver told Cuban the contract would not be honored, which killed the idea but did not stop the Mavericks from honoring the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback.


National talk radio host Jim Rome shared his opinion yesterday:

So, what do you think? With the game not meaning anything to the Mavericks, should the NBA have let the Mavs do what they wanted and play Romo in the game?