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Mavericks fans’ loyalties divided when it comes to Rockets-Spurs

Can they both lose?

NBA: Houston Rockets at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

How’s it going, sports fans?

So this is a tough moment for us as a Mavericks fanbase. The first round has been fun, and the second round is upon us. And the second round will feature a matchup between the two teams Mavs fans probably on average hate the most: the Spurs and the Rockets.

I posed the question on Twitter last night as to which team we should be pulling for, and got some...interesting responses. So today we asked the staff: which team of Rockets-Spurs will you be rooting against more?

(Two notes: one, please be nice to Kate, we like her a lot and she does a TON to make this site a great place for y’all. Two, if any Rockets trolls come calling, I’m @beccaaftersix on Twitter if the comments need policing. And that last point alone should tell you I’m practicing my #GoSpursGo chant as we speak.)

Bailey (@brogers789)

I'm rooting for the Rockets, and I feel dirty about it. I think the Spurs are the more respectable team and I kinda love Pop and Kawhi, but ultimately I think Dubs-Rockets is going to be a more entertaining series than Dubs-Spurs. I really want to see the offensive fireworks. I honestly can't say I've followed the Spurs too closely, and maybe I'm underestimating them. Watch me be totally wrong.

Really not looking forward to how insufferable Rockets fans will be if they beat the Spurs though.

Kate (@crawfordkate)

I have a lot of feelings about this series and very few sound basketball-based opinions. First and foremost, I'm a Spurs fan, so I'm obviously rooting for them (sorry not sorry). And while I love James Harden, I have an irrational hatred of Mike D'Antoni and find it difficult to root for any of his teams.

Continuing on the theme of irrational hatred, literally the only other thing I dislike about the NBA is the Golden State Warriors. Again, I have no sound basketball-based reasons for this, and I don't believe in shaming athletes for their free agency decisions. But I think the Spurs have a better chance of stopping the Warriors than the Rockets. I get what Bailey's saying, but the Spurs have a winning record against the Warriors this season, while the Rockets lost to them three times after eking out a double overtime win early on. The overall numbers for the season basically all tilt in the Spurs' direction (as opposed to the Rockets') when it comes to a match-up with Golden State, so if I needed a reason beyond my Spurs fandom to root for San Antonio in this series, that would be it.

Sam (@SamGuertler)

The basketball purist in me wants the Spurs to win. Watching Terminator Kawhi Leonard destroy everything in his path has been an absolute treat, and seeing him suffocate James Harden with no smile on his face would provide me with the ultimate satisfaction. Plus, Pop is the greatest coach I've seen in my lifetime in any sport, and I appreciate legends at work. But the basketball fan in me wants the Rockets to win. The Spurs have been the bane of my existence for much of my life, so it's hard to pull for them.

Thus, the basketball fan in me prevails. I want the Rockets to advance. Like Bailey said, the potential offensive fireworks are too tantalizing. Some offensive record would be broken, and this would be the third year in a row we have a Rockets vs. Warriors series. I'm already laughing thinking about how the Rockets would try to hide Harden on defense against Steph, Klay, KD and Draymond. I guess he could guard Zaza.

Kirk (@KirkSeriousFace)

The great actress Mae West once said "Between two evils, I always pick the one I've never tried before."

I hate this question because my first reaction is to say I won't watch. Well that's just not true, so other than rooting for seven games, I'll say I'm rooting for the Rockets. The team annoys me and yet I like the brand of basketball they play. I've seen the Spurs before and while Kawhi Leonard is probably the best player in the series, I'm more interested in a Golden State Warriors vs. Rockets shoot out than I am seeing Pop try to do funky crap to make that potential series unwatchable.

Go Rockets? Where is the vodka?

Brice (@80GradeWhitt)

Choosing between these two teams is like choosing between yelling at my dog for something that's not her fault (Houston), and cheering for the Spurs. One will make me feel like garbage all day for doing something so painfully out of character and the other is cheering for the Spurs, which also is bad.

Because I am categorically against the city of Houston sports and because I love my dog, I will be cheering for the Spurs. Lily, if you're reading this, I hope you understand the sacrifice I'm making.

Dalton (@Dalton_Trigg)

This is hard, mainly because I could never truly root for either of them. However, the Spurs are far less annoying than the Rockets, so I'll be hoping San Antonio takes the series. Although both are huge rivals of the Mavs, I feel there's always been a decent level of respect between the fan bases, at least in the last few years. When it comes to Mavs/Rockets however, don't look up what people said to each other on Twitter during that 2015 first round playoff series.

I acknowledge how great of a player James Harden is, but at the same time, his style of play drives me up a wall. He flops and flails his arms a lot to deceive the refs into calling a foul. Given, Harden has mastered this craft, and it's helped Houston win a lot of games. At the end of the day though, it's just really hard to watch, no matter which team he's playing for. In Houston's last series against OKC, Harden was fouled on 3-point attempts NINE TIMES. Come on, man. Spurs in six.