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Spurs to sit 6 players against Mavericks tomorrow night

If you were hoping the Spurs would do Dallas a favor by beating’re probably still right.

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

On a normal evening, and especially on a normal evening this season, the San Antonio Spurs are going to beat the Dallas Mavericks.

(Well, except that one glorious time in January when the Mavericks somehow, some way, stole one.)

The Spurs announced today that the following six players will not play against the Mavs tomorrow evening:

To quote one of my all-time favorite shows, Arrested Development: COME ON.

It’s no secret that the Mavericks, having been mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, would probably prefer to lose the rest of their games to help their chances in the draft lottery. (Publicly, they probably won’t admit that, but it only makes sense.) The scheduling gods seemed to have done the Mavs a favor here, putting the Clippers (last night) and the Spurs (tomorrow night) right in that late season stretch. Ideal for “playing hard while probably losing anyway” purposes.


Normally I’d say the Mavs JV squad would probably be roundly beat by the Spurs JV squad still, but this season I’m not so sure. With Yogi Ferrell still playing well, other young guys out there trying to earn minutes, and the team as a whole having kept pace with the Clippers’ “A” squad last night....

Well, this gives Dallas a good chance to win. Just when I was finally on board #TeamTank.

Thanks, Spurs.