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Michael Finley to represent the Mavericks at the NBA Draft Lottery

The former Maverick great will sit on the panel as the lottery order is announced.

Michael Finley #4...

On Tuesday, May 16th at 7 p.m. Central on ESPN, former NBA Iron Man and Mavericks great Michael Finley will represent Dallas at the NBA Draft Lottery (via Eddie Sefko).

Some background on Michael Finley

Finley played 16 seasons in the NBA, including nine with the Mavericks where he became an early cornerstone for the mid-90s teams after a trade with Phoenix. In short, Finley was a beast, playing nearly 40 minutes per game for his entire Maverick career (626 games!).

Though he was only a three time All-Star, Finley was an important piece for the Mavericks as they transitioned from the brutal 1990s to the Dirk Nowitzki era. Finley still occupies positions near the top of a number of all-time statistical marks for the Mavericks.

Last season, Finley was listed as the Assistant Vice President to Basketball Operations with Dallas. He’s been with the team’s front office for a number of years, including a lot of major recruiting decisions:

How does the lottery work?

The first three picks of the draft are determined by lottery with the 4th to 14th pick then decided in the reverse order of the standings. Out of 1,000 lottery balls, teams are given a percentage as determined by their record. For example, Brooklyn (who owes their pick to Boston), has a 25 percent chance to win the lottery and thus will be awarded 250 of the 1,000 balls.

Dallas, who finished with the ninth worst record, has 17 chances (1.7 percent) to move up to the number one pick. But, because the lottery is about the top three selections, the Mavericks have three chances. With their 17 lottery balls, the chances of them getting a top 2 pick move up to 3.7 percent and a top three pick jumps all the way to 6.1 percent. So while it’s very unlikely the Mavericks move at all, there’s still a chance.

Here’s to hoping Michael Finley is the lucky charm we need.